We deliver compost to the Gorge area on both sides of the river.  We have three sizes of trucks that hold up to 6,  20, and 55 cubic yards of compost respectively. Below are descriptions of trucks and delivery pricing.


Dirt Hugger “small” truck:  Better for driveways and tighter spots (although the turning radius leaves something to be desired).




Dirt Hugger “Old Hog” Truck: Our medium truck can haul up to 20 yards of compost or 30 yards of bark (or lighter soil blends) in a single trip.




Truck & Pup: Truck capacity 50-60 yds. Good for uneven terrain and quick dumping.


Dirt Hugger small + medium trucks, usual spots

  • Based on 25 yard DH truck from Dallesport site –  Max Capacity:
  • 3 yard minimum delivery The Dalles/Dallesport, 5 yard minimum delivery Hood River/White Salmon
  • Sales tax added to prices below for WA deliveries
  • Check our retailers for delivery options closer to you: SDS, BPS, Adams Bark and Riley Bros.
  • All product sales COD: cash, check or credit card (3% fee applies on orders above $1k)
  • Custom blend orders require 50% down payment and two weeks lead time
  • Terms available with completion and acceptance of a credit application
  • Dirt Hugger is not responsible for damage beyond the curb
  • For large volume orders (greater than 25 yds) or to distant locations, trucking is charged by the hour using the Google Maps driving time estimation from and back to the Dirt Hugger site. An additional hour is applied for loading and unloading times.


  • Dirt Hugger LLC is not responsible for any damage behind curb line
  • Our delivery trucks are not allowed to drive over curb or sidewalk
  • If you, or your contractor, ordered a load and/or truck size that cannot dump due to obstacles or an area to small for maneuvering, you will be charged for the delivery fee
  • If you, or your contractor, directs our delivery driver (or contracted driver) into a situation where the truck gets stuck and needs to be towed out, an hourly rate of $85/hr will be charged PLUS ALL TOWING FEES.
  • Please consider your site and dump location.  Truck and Pup deliveries require at least: 12 ft height clearance for driving, 18 ft height clearance for dumping, and an 85 ft by 85 ft area for dumping and maneuvering.
  • A $75 fee applies for dump situations that require a truck and pup disconnect

*prices subject to change.

4 Responses to Delivery

  1. Shari says:

    Do you not deliver to Goldendale? If you do, how much would that be?

  2. Mr Mc Dicker says:

    Do you deliver to Biggs? If you do how much for a “deal” on 14 yards of compost delivered?
    $500 sounds about right?

    • Hi Mr McDicker,

      I apologize for the delayed reply- we had some computer issues here. We can deliver to Biggs. A 14 yard load delivered would be $626. Please let us know if you are interested.


  3. Kim says:

    Would you consider delivering out to the Condon area? If so, how much additional should I add to The Dalles price for the mileage? Hoping I might be able to find several folks to go together on a load. Thanks.

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