Spring 17 Melee

Holy Crikey – winter was brutal; spring was late (or maybe normal); and now things are madness! This past six months we’ve had the full rollercoaster of emotion from depression, to longing, to too tired and busy to know what to feel. The main feeling now is of gratitude: gratitude that spring came on strong, gratitude that people are using so much compost, and gratitude to keep growing our business. We can’t possibly sum up what’s been going on, so here’s a few photos to fill you in. Thanks for your support!


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Memorial Day Weekend Hours

We will be open Saturday, 8 am to 1 pm and CLOSED Sunday 5/28 through Monday 5/29 for the holiday.

Have a great weekend!

working amendments into a custom soil blend – artistic and scientific

a big batch of sky puncher getting its final toss

gavin moving mountains

down the road donnie after a windy gorge day of compost haulin’

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