Construction Bid Packet Released

Thanks to our amazing Kickstarter backers, we now have the funds to proceed with construction on the new facility. Using the grant funds allocated to the project, the landowner, Port of Klickitat, is kicking of construction with site grading. They posted the “DIP Lot 80 Grading Plan Bid Document” yesterday.  If you are a earthwork contractor or know of a good, local one, please take a look and bid on this project!

dirt hugger family

The Dirt Hugger family

Thank you to the grant groups: Dave McClure and Denny Newell @Klickitat County, John Longfellow @ Klickitat County Solid Waste, Roni Bear @ USDA Rural Development Washington State and Marc Thornsbury and the entire commission @ Port of Klickitat.

And very importantly, thanks to all of our Kickstarter backers for making this happen!

Christine Cook
Nanette Wimmers
Sue & Rich Robinson
Lois Louis
Celilo Restaurant & Maui Meyer
Wildwood Farm & Laurel Bourret
Wildwood Farm & Paul Brown
Benton Orchards & Bob Benton
Riversong Farm
Orchard View Farms
Christian Bookter
Lindsey Ekland
Hilary Near
Theresa Zinsmeyer
Prabhu Ramaiah
Kirk Cook
Marni Duffy
Tonya McLean
Amy Collette
Sven Meier
Sebastian Stoddart
Aaron Pereira
Sherri Starkin
Alexandra Sosnkowski
Michael McFadden
Stephanie Laur
Jodie Gates
Lara Damon
Raquel & Brad VanNatta
Catherine Reilly Boland
Blue Bus Cultured Foods
Jaime Rathmell
Becky Brun
Callie Jordan
Elana Waugh
Todd Loewy
Colin Mutchler
Amanda Lawrence and Dana Scheffler
Ben Saur & Saur Brothers Farm
Kris & Neilly Kendall
Humble Roots Nursery
Joby Babu
Kate Samson
Molly Hamlin
Kyle and Jess Miller
Michael Daly
Hootie Boucher
Bob Oldfather
David Kinney
Sarah Leith Bahn
Kathleen Kelsay
Julia Burwell
Sandy Slayton
Jenny Harvey-Smith
Mark Zurada
Composter Cary – the man behind US Composting Council
Christie George
Lisa Mullis & Blue Marble Creative
Nicolas Fauchier Magnan
Nigel Tunnacliffe
Chris Campbell
Lisa Cusick Cordie
Kari McConnell
Shary Loewy Hyman
Audrey Price
Jamie Carbone
Linda Boadway
Jeff Nicol & SBDC
Chris Taylor & Camp 1805 Distillers
Jane E Snelling
Cari Streeter
Jenna Edginton
Jay VanValkenberg
Michelle Omalley
Heidi Venture
Meredith Jaques
Lindsay Miller
Aaron Beitler
Bonnie Cox
Mandy and Ben Webster
Tabitha Weiseth
Nick Southall
Pampered Palette Catering
Jeff Fisher
Sarah Reese
Meg Archbald
Audrey Aiken
Ken Apland
Cordelia Shea
Jason Craveiro
Gary Gortenburg
Janet Hamada
Cascade Acupuncture Center
Jason and Liz Hartmann
Kevin Hoar
Jill Hardiman
Ed McReynolds
Jennifer Schimmel
Boda’s Kitchen 
Jenn Barchet
Glenn Harris
Rene Lewis
Sam Sailer
Claire Latta
Benjamin Briggs
Janelle Koester
David Karlson
Rory Streeter
Diedrick Snelling
Kaitlin Grammer
Cutflowers For You (Wendy/Randy Gray)
Noelle Newton
Freya Moon Nelson
Blaine + Bethany Franger
Julie O’Shea
Ben Zimmerman
Cynthia Gair
Heidi Logosz
DeLona campos-Davis
Charlotte gregson
Sarah Boadway-McConnell
Jennifer Parenteau
Margaret Oppenheimer
Will Ennis & Michelle Bellia
Michelle McGrath
Kaan Yazgan
Amy Cook
Glenn Cain
Casey and Shiley Miller
Karen Harding
Meredith Sorensen
John Cleary
Nick Kraemer
Judah Schept
Allen Altman
Keith Stagg
Jack Hoeck
Jennifer Hart
John Hart
Ron Corky Gordon
Inga Brock
Anna Buckley
Joel Aronoff
Sharon Schreiber
Ben Brown
Amanda Gibbon
Kenny Parsons
Dawn Rand
Sarah Starks
Nicole Faaborg
Dana Scheffler
Ben Bliesner
Erica Mitchell
Steven McGeady
Stevany Lamphear Peters
Elizabeth Gibbon
Tim O’Neill – ECS
Carolyn Rohde
Dorothy Sherwood
Darcy Burt Schoenberg
Solstice Wood Fire Cafe
Thomas Pilon + Perfect Earth Landscape
Bailey Puntereri
Peter Helm
Charles Gieseler
Daniel Dickens
Barbara McBride
Jenni Lott
Brad Mulvihill
Lauren Stevenson Morrissey
Kerry Proctor
Charles and Patricia Raven
Casey Robinson
Boda’s Kitchen
Jeff Taylor
Nate Reagan + Friend + Reagan
Tera & Orrin Bigelow
Kathy Watson
Marianne Thomsen
Brian Mulvihill
Barbara Lerma
Randee Bowder
Mt. Hood Meadows Ski Resort
David Meriwether
Cindy Miller
Susan McCourt
Robert L Crady III
Corrin Phillips
Cassie Nobbs
Leanne Hogie
Ryan Huggins
Molly Jones
Seth Bradley
Stacy Lowery
Mathew S. Smith
10-Speed Coffee Roasters
Karen and Steve Murray
Tracy Bech
Bruce Miller
Elizabeth Osborne
Stacie and Chris & 6th Street Bistro
Brittin Bleakley
Janine Bruton
Shirley Kantrud
TD Counihan
Nathan DeVol & Dog River Coffee
Stephanie Hartman & Catalyst Performance Consulting
Keith Dennis
David Dick
Elias Deeb
Ben Sanders
Sarah Sahl
Chris Wright
Rick Wright
Alyson Goodner
Ryan Arndt
Rock Powell
Keith and Laura Mayo
Kathy Heitkemper
Bonnie New
Hunter Louis
Hunter G. Louis, Sr.
David Ollivero
Haydi Sowerwine
Olga Murray
Maggie Exton
Mandy Kazee Mulloy
Lina Forslund
Ellen Drayton
Justin Martin
Lois Boland
Sara Hunt
Moria Reynolds
Bean Head Farm
David Sadr
Brian Becker
Alec Maule
Nathan Fleming
Lindsay Miller
Ellen Matthews Oetinger
Kyla Louis
John Louis Marvin-Kite
Georgia N. Opheim
Laurie Mutchler
Davies Dunn & Associates
Meredith St.Clair
Tim & Pam Kantrud
Gauthier Philippart
Michael Quinn
Kendra Wehmeyer
April Gentile
Jared Fuscaldo
Amber Valenti
Nicolais Argaello Solarzano
Jordyan Corcoran
Joe Rice
Dirk Van Den Bos
Jordan Stewart
Christin Couvreux
Verona Wong
Mandi McKay



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Kickstarter Funded!

Well folks, our Kickstarter campaign has reached it’s goal of $65,000, which means we have the financing we need to begin construction on our new compost facility. We couldn’t be more thrilled, humbled, and inspired.  Playing around in the dirt out at our site, we often forget what’s going on in the larger community. But, the amount of support over email, phone, Facebook and texts the past few weeks has been overwhelming.  Your contributions give Dirt Hugger and composting a huge boost in the arm for the future. We can’t wait to start on construction now that we have the funds to swing it!

Thank you, thank you, thank you. We are humbled.

The DH Crew: Kristal, Taylor, Andrew, Jim (Alumni) & Tyler.

The DH Crew: Kristal, Taylor, Andrew, Jim (Alumni) & Tyler.

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