Potting and Soilless Blends

Utilizing our Organic Compost as a key component we offer a tiered variety of blended soil products.  No matter the growing medium, we strive for high-quality and consistency.  Blended soils are porous enough for healthy root development and air-flow while maintaining the capacity for ideal moisture retention.  Data Sheets available for all blends.

Potting Mix – $149/yd  or $11.99/cf bag

IMG_0390Designed to be light, fluffy, and ready-to-go, Dirt Hugger Potting Mix contains a special blend of our Organic Compost, Peat, Perlite, Blood Meal, Colloidal Phosphate, and Kelp Meal. Available by the yard or half yard.


Sky Puncher- $179/yd or $14.99/cf bag

A tested and proven proprietary potting soil, Sky Puncher offers the perfect environment for root development with a base made up of Organic Compost, Peat, and Perlite. Optimized nutrition levels are achieved from a careful blend of organic amendments. If there is one soil to fill your growing container with, this is it.


High Output- $299/yd

IMG_0390 (1)With a base mix of Organic Compost, Coco-Coir, and Perlite plus over nine other amendments, High Output will increase yield and quality while reducing the need for supplemental amendments. This is a supersoil–fill the bottom of your planting container with High-Output and a “lower dose” Potting Mix or Sky Puncher on top.   Available by the yard and 1 cf bag.

Base Blend- $114/yd or $10.99/cf bag

For those looking to keep costs down, we’ll blend up an essential light and fluffy Base Blend media composed of Compost, Peat, and Perlite.  Any other inputs or amendments can be added at home, top dressed or watered-in.