Since the beginning Dirt Hugger has produced compost according to Organic standards; and we have been OMRI Listed for organic production.  We are open to the public for bulk product pickup. We can also deliver to the Gorge area.  Volume discounts are available for landscapers, farms or large projects. We have detailed lab results; if you’re interested in more detail please contact us. Also, be sure to check out our compost use tips. Here’s a menu of what’s on tap at the Black Gold Mine.

Organic Compost – $45/yd or $7.99/cf bag

IMG_6815Dirt Hugger compost is a dark, rich, Organic compost made from  wood, brush, local fruit, spent brewery yeast, and food scraps from our commercial curbside program.  We screen compost to less than 3/8” size, and it is perfect for amending the sandy loam soils in the Columbia Gorge.  We recommend applying Dirt Hugger compost in a 2-3″ topdress, and/or tilling it 6-8” deep into existing soil. Compost can provide organic content and nutrients, and your local soil will provide the mineral content creating a balanced environment for plant growth.

Garden Blend – $50/yd or $9.99/cf bag

IMG_6813Dirt Hugger Garden Blend was  created for those newly built raised beds for the spring gardener. The Garden Blend contains Dirt Hugger Compost, local soil (1″ minus), and aged bark. The Blend is plant-in ready and recommended for any gardening  or landscaping project where tilling the local soil is impossible or undesirable. (Note: the topsoil component of this product is not guaranteed to be weed seed or pathogen free as it has not been through the composting process- which is true of most any topsoil you find).

50/50 Blend – $50/yd

Organic Compost blended with a 1″ minus screened local soil, Dirt Hugger’s 50/50 Blend offers a simple solution for grass seeding and landscaping on rocky or impenetrable areas. Apply 4 to 6 inches to the surface of your desired lawn area and seed.

Potting Mix – $149/yd  or $11.99/cf bag

IMG_0390Designed to be light, fluffy, and ready-to-go, Dirt Hugger Potting Mix contains a special blend of our Organic Compost, Peat, Perlite, Blood Meal, Colloidal Phosphate, and Kelp Meal. Available by the yard or half yard.


Sky Puncher- $179/yd or $14.99/cf bag

A tested and proven proprietary potting soil, Sky Puncher offers the perfect environment for root development with a base made up of Organic Compost, Peat, and Perlite. Optimized nutrition levels are achieved from a careful blend of organic amendments. If there is one soil to fill your growing container with, this is it.

High Output- $299/yd

IMG_0390 (1)With a base mix of Organic Compost, Coco-Coir, and Perlite plus over nine other amendments, High Output will increase yield and quality while reducing the need for supplemental amendments. This is a supersoil–fill the bottom of your planting container with High-Output and a “lower dose” Potting Mix or Sky Puncher on top.   Available by the yard and 1 cf bag.

Base Blend- $114/yd or $10.99/cf bag

For those looking to keep costs down, we’ll blend up an essential light and fluffy Base Blend media composed of Compost, Peat, and Perlite.  Any other inputs or amendments can be added at home, top dressed or watered-in.


Bark Nuggets – $45/yd

IMG_0376Classic fir decorative bark nuggets. Great for landscaped beds or paths. Works well for weed suppression and moisture retention. Better for windy areas where bark dust might blow away. Recommended 2-4″ for good coverage.


Bark Chips (1-2″) – $35/yd

IMG_6814Classic fir decorative bark mulch screened to 2” minus. Great for landscaped beds or paths. Works well for weed suppression and moisture retention. Better for windy areas where bark dust might blow away. Recommended 2-4″ for good coverage.


Bark Dust (1′ minus)- $35/yard

IMG_6811Classic red fir bark dust screened to 1″ minus. Great for landscaped beds or paths. Works well for weed suppression and moisture retention. Creates a blanket for enhanced weed control. Recommended 2-4″ depth for good coverage.



Custom Blends

Pertlite Blend

We can blend amendments in the compost to create custom compost.   Let us know about your custom blend needs. We love making new products.



Orchard Blend – $35/yd


The Orchard Blend contains compost with an increased woody fraction, which is thought to benefit fruit tress and plants. In field application, the compost works into soils while the woody component can help serve as a mulching layer. We’ve worked with this for a couple of growing seasons and seen some early results in emergence and vigor.

Green Roof Media
green roof
Dirt Hugger participated in The Dalles Readiness Center LEED Gold green roof project. Green Roof media is  designed to be light weight and well draining. Call for details and pricing.


Bioswale/Growing Media

We recently completed the bioswale job on the exciting new Lewis and Clark Festival Park in downtown The Dalles. The project taught us a bunch about infiltration rates, sieve tests and custom blends for bioswales. If you are developing a swale or large construction project we can now do custom multi-product blends to meet landscape architecture specs. Click here to learn more about bioswales.

10 Responses to Products

  1. Peggi says:

    I am interested in aquiring wood chips, limbs that have only
    been through a chipper. I wonder if you have some available? What would the cost be?

  2. Shelley Hinatsu says:

    I am interested in the “small truck” delivery with 3 yards of topsoil/3yards of bark mulch. How much would that be delivered to The Dalles. Shelley 541 296-2498

  3. Carol Roderick says:

    I just won three yards of potting soil at Mosier’s fundraiser. Would this be effective in garden or flower beds?

  4. Carly McNeil says:

    Underwood Conservation District has a small manure spreader that is available for rent through DJ’s equipment in Bingen, WA. The spreader will work great for spreading Dirt Hugger compost! Please contact Carly McNeil at Underwood Conservation District 509-493-1936 for more information.

  5. Tom says:

    Do you deliver bark dust? I live just north of Lyle.

  6. Karleen swarztrauber says:

    I have bought from you before but recently moved to a new place. I will be needing about 2 inch coverage for one acre or about 250 yards of compost this Spring.

    • Hi Karleen, thanks for getting in touch, and I apologize for the delayed reply. We’d be happy to supply you with compost! We have plenty in stock for spring, so 250 shouldn’t be a problem. Please feel free to email or call (541-946-3478) when you are ready. Usually a couple days heads up notice is all we need. Thank you!

  7. Linda says:

    Can you recommend someone who can do an infiltration test in the dalles

    • dirthuggernate says:

      Hi Linda- We typically have our third party lab testing done by Soil Test Farm Consultants in Moses Lake, WA. They’re not in The Dalles, but you can FedEx a sample overnight and they are quick to get back with results. Good Luck!

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