We are a 12-person army with tons of support from friends, family, businesses, local government, and the community. We’re often on front loaders, taking compost temperatures, or picking up food scraps so we might not answer right away, but we’ll do our best to follow up quickly.

Phone: 541.946.3478

CLOSED Dec. 25th , Dec. 26th, and Jan. 1st

We are often here earlier and later than the posted hours. Please call us if you need anything outside of normal operating hours. 

New Black Gold Mine Address:
111 East Rockland Rd
Dallesport, WA, 98617

From I-84, exit 87 head North (towards the Columbia River).
Cross bridge into Washington
2 miles after the bridge we are on the right
(across from Gilmore Fish Smokehouse)

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1848
Hood River, OR, 97031


Retail Sales & Deliveries
Nate Fleming
541-946-3478 Ext. 705

Inbound Logistics: Hauling & Picking
Andrew Voodre
541-946-3478 Ext 703

Wholesale Sales, Accounting, Marketing
Pierce Louis
541-946-3478 Ext 700


15 Responses to Contact

  1. Jennifer Sofinowski says:

    Do you guys sell compost? Maybe I am overlooking that part of your website.

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Good comment. We aren’t selling compost, yet. We started the first batches in August and they are just now finishing the curing phase. We hope to have finished compost ready for sale in a month. As you pointed out, we also need to create a compost section on the site. Thanks!


  2. Dee says:

    Wish you were down my way in leafy Warwickshire and then you could do leaf mould too!

  3. I am also interested in getting some of your compost when it is available.

    541 399 2736

  4. Pat Bozanich says:

    Hi guys,
    When I drove down by you site a week or so ago, you said you were now selling the compost. I forgot to ask the price and whether you deliver, so I’m asking now. It was pretty exciting to see all that compost-in-process at your site.

    • Hi Pat,

      Yes we do have compost available- although we’re running out fast. The current price is $38/yard and we do deliver. Give us a call or swing by if you’re interested.


  5. patti says:

    Hi tyler, I saw your add on gorgenet for a job opening.I am interested in your position, I love the idea of green composting . I think i have all of the requirments you are looking for ,i just do not have any heavy equipment experience.I have driven forklift before.I worked for a major grocery store for twenty years . Decided I was done with big corporations,have been looking for small company that i could grow with.The more natural we can live the better off we would all be.Ilove your concept.Well i hope we get to talk further , thank you for your time.Sincerly Patti P.S I make a great espresso Bye

  6. Larry Sprouse says:

    Hey guys,
    I teach 4th and 5th grade at Chenowith Elementary. I will be teaching 5th next year. I would love to partner with you guys in teaching my students how to compost. I have had a worm bin in the past in my classroom and would love to have one again. Also, the pilot program sounds amazing. I know I would like to start to compost at home as well and if it is picked up that is even better. Do you provide the bins for the composting at home and at school? Let me know. I would love to work with you as soon into the fall as possible. Would love to have you come into my room and present to my kids, even once a month. IF possible. Please let me know what you think and please answer my questions reguarding composting at home and at school.

    Thanks guys,

  7. Betty says:

    Hi Pierce,

    I found out about Dirt Hugger from the SBS website. We are currently making our own compost at home but for you and Tyler to have thought about making a living out of this while making a difference is just plain amazing.

    Would you be available to help me understand a bit more about SBS/your experiences, etc…? Thanks


  8. John Bright says:

    What is delivery cost to Gooldendale


    John Bright

    • Hi John,

      I apologize for the delay in responding- we’ve had some computer issues. Delivery cost to Goldendale is $75/hour, probably at 2.5 hours. We are encouraging “cooperative buying” for Goldendale. Ideally, we’d like to load up a full 20-30 yard dump truck and deliver to a depot where community members could get the compost they need. If you have any ideas on a good depot location, please let us know. It would help amortize the delivery costs for everyone in Goldendale.

      Thanks. Pierce

  9. Christy Turner says:

    Do you accept yard debris from individuals?

  10. judy nelson says:

    Got two yards last year and golly gee did my flowers and veggies love it. What would it cost to get another 2 yards delivered?

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