Compost and Soil Blends

Since the beginning Dirt Hugger has produced compost according to Organic standards; and we have been OMRI Listed for organic production.  We are open to the public for bulk product pickup. We can also deliver to the Gorge area.  Volume discounts are available for landscapers, farms or large projects. We have detailed lab results; if you’re interested in more detail please contact us. Also, be sure to check out our compost use tips. Here’s a menu of what’s on tap at the Black Gold Mine.

Organic Compost – $45/yd or $7.99/cf bag

IMG_6815Dirt Hugger compost is a dark, rich, Organic compost made from  wood, brush, local fruit, spent brewery yeast, and food scraps from our commercial curbside program.  We screen compost to less than 3/8” size, and it is perfect for amending the sandy loam soils in the Columbia Gorge.  We recommend applying Dirt Hugger compost in a 2-3″ topdress, and/or tilling it 6-8” deep into existing soil. Compost can provide organic content and nutrients, and your local soil will provide the mineral content creating a balanced environment for plant growth.

Orchard Blend – $35/yd


The Orchard Blend contains compost with an increased woody fraction, which is thought to benefit fruit tress and plants. In field application, the compost works into soils while the woody component can help serve as a mulching layer. We’ve worked with this for a couple of growing seasons and seen some early results in emergence and vigor.

Garden Blend – $50/yd or $9.99/cf bag

IMG_6813Dirt Hugger Garden Blend was  created for those newly built raised beds for the spring gardener. The Garden Blend contains Dirt Hugger Compost, local soil (1″ minus), and aged bark. The Blend is plant-in ready and recommended for any gardening  or landscaping project where tilling the local soil is impossible or undesirable. (Note: the topsoil component of this product is not guaranteed to be weed seed or pathogen free as it has not been through the composting process- which is true of most any topsoil you find).

50/50 Blend – $50/yd

Organic Compost blended with a 1″ minus screened local soil, Dirt Hugger’s 50/50 Blend offers a simple solution for grass seeding and landscaping on rocky or impenetrable areas. Apply 4 to 6 inches to the surface of your desired lawn area and seed.