Compost Spreading

applicationCompost (40-50% organic matter by dry weight) is one of the best ways to return organic matter to depleted soils. In order to help close that loop, we are pleased to offer compost application services to our agricultural customers.

For the past four years we have begged, borrowed, (but not stolen) spreaders in order to perform trials of compost in agriculture.  We tested variables such as compost depth, age, application before planting, after planting, incorporated into the field, top dressed, coarse screens, fine screens, unscreened and on and on. Our main takeaway is that compost really helps in the soil. But also, that there is a lot of nuance when it comes to compost – not all compost is good for all applications.

vineyard appBased on these experiences, we sought out a piece of equipment that has been in short supply in the Gorge – a compost spreader. By partnering with (and the gracious support from) Papé Machinery (Hillsboro) along with Kuhn Knight, we were able to acquire the 8110 with the intent of upping our compost spreading game for the benefit of the entire Gorge agricultural scene.  

Tradtionally used for manure spreading, this well-built piece of equipment is also perfect for spreading Dirt Hugger Compost, Orchard Blend and wood chips without material bridging or unnamed-6packing. Check out Kuhn’s brochure highlighting all that this spreader has to offer.

Because every orchard and farm has unique needs, Dirt Hugger has developed a suite of compost spreading and application services:


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