The Dirt Hugger Team


Andrew Voodre
Site Quarterback
Andrew is the Jim Harbaugh of Dirt Hugger. Every morning he sets the game plan for site flow, compost recipes, and logistics. The key attribute of our quarterback is the ability to audible, which usually happens by 9am every day. Bad weather, good weather, windy weather, cancelled loads, additional loads all keep Andrew on his toes while calling plays but staying on the field with the team.

Outside of work Andrew coaches football, volleyball and anything else the school system asks of him. He also enjoys searching for elusive fish, deer, and other huntable animals out in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge region.

Nate Fleming
Central Nervous System
unnamed-4A recent addition to the Dirt Hugger team, Nate coordinates customer relations, crunches numbers, and manhandles delivery logistics. Having successfully escaped the God-forsaken tundra of America’s heartland in 2010, Nate finds solace in the hills and appreciates daily the dramatic interaction between the landscape and the weather of the Gorge.  When he is not working, look for Nate at the skatepark.



Gavin “G-Unit” Schmidtunnamed-1
Working his way up the Dirt Hugger ranks, Gavin started out as a contamination picker and now finds himself manning the helm of a windrow turner.  Additionally, Gavin is taking a lead on designing and implementing the landscape at the Dirt Hugger site.  Gavin recently received a BS in Horticulture at OSU.  His bag of knowledge has proven useful at Dirt Hugger where Gavin performs many of the necessary compost sample tests.  Needless to say, the realm of compost is right up Gavin’s alley–he spends his free time working on sustainable gardening and permaculture site design projects.


Garrick Gredvigimg_20160812_115816879-2
Visit the Dirt Hugger site and you will likely find Garrick head down in some sort of mind-boggling project.  As the on site Dirt Hugger carpenter, Garrick does everything from pouring concrete and pulling wire to fixing equipment and improving outbuildings.   Take a look at his “to-do list”, and you wouldn’t have a clue where to start.

Originally from Hillsboro, OR, Garrick now calls the Dalles home.  He relocated there in 2016 after finishing up a carpentry program at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka, CA. While Garrick has always been a crafty individual, his tenure in northern CA advanced his skill set and knowledge to unprecedented levels.  Oh, one more reason Garrick deserves mad props:  he served in the US Army. 

When not working, Garrick is typically mountain biking, skiing, and climbing.  He likes living in the Gorge. 

Tyler Miller
Co-Founder & Black Gold Miner
img_1382Down in the details is where you’ll find Tyler. Whether it’s buried in Autocad designing an aeration manifold or deep in the pumphouse building a new water handling system, Tyler is our resident engineer, designer and builder. As one of the hardest working and most motivated people we know Tyler is happiest when he’s productive. And a compost facility provides plenty of opportunity for that.

When he’s not composting Tyler is using found with a gerund (-ing): camping with his family, skiing, kiteboarding, mt biking or building. He stays busy both on and off the compost arena.

Pierce Louis
Co-Founder & Swiss Army Knife
We aren’t exactly sure what he does around here, but Pierce brings plenty of energy and
enthusiasm to the table. As the Swiss Army Knife, Pierce hops in on about anything loaders, tuners, screeners but tries to find time to focus on accounting/finance, HR, and sales & marketing – that is when he’s not ‘napping or blogging.’

When not at ‘The Hugger’ Pierce enjoys mt biking, snowboarding, kiteboarding and camping with his family – a lot of the time with Tyler.


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