Dirt Hugger Wins Composting Innovation Award

Dirt Hugger was surprised and honored to win the 2016 Composting Innovation award  at the annual Washington Organics Recycling Council conference a couple of weeks ago,(full transcript below). We owe a great thanks to all of our partners, advisors and friends in the industry who have shared countless tips and experiences, which have shaped our facility development. One of the things we like most about this industry is the willingness to share and collaborate amongst composters. Attending the annual meetings feels like a reunion among old friends – we are humbled and thankful.award

Dirt Hugger was founded in 2010 by two young engineer/entrepreneurs, Tyler Miller and Pierce Louis, who left the high tech world of drones to become composters. The facility started on leased land in the Hood River Industrial Park using the basic bucket turned composting method. 

After four years, Dirt Hugger needed to expand their capacity and become more efficient in their processing. They relocated to a 9-acre site across the river in Dallesport, Washington.

After working with a pipe on grade ASP system at the old location,  Dirt Hugger decided that they wanted a below grade aeration pad.  They saw that below grade systems could save money on labor and pipe and produce a payback in less than two years. 

They applied their experience in engineering and team building from the high tech world to boot strap a state of the art composting operation on a shoe string budget.  


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Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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4 Responses to Dirt Hugger Wins Composting Innovation Award

  1. Duwayne Bonhorst says:

    Nice to see you receive some well deserved recognition

  2. Congratulations you guys!

  3. Susan G Robinson says:

    Congratulations…Well deserved!

  4. Stateline Compost says:

    Congratulations! Certainly deserved

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