20% Off – Fall Compost Sale!

In and effort to raise awareness on the benefits of applying compost in the fall (better even than applying in the spring) we are holding our first ever compost sale. Most people put compost down in the spring when they are excited about nice weather and plants sprouting up, but really there are greater benefits to putting compost down in the fall. Specifically, winter allows the compost time to assimilate with your soil. Plus, the freeze, thaw cycle allows compost and nutrients to work their way into the soil to improve structure. sale-image-for-site

Our sale runs now through the end of November and is available through our retailers: Bryant Pipe & Supply, SDS Lumber, and Riley Brothers. We hope you take advantage of this opportunity to see for your self the benefits of fall compost application.


Putting compost out in a local cherry orchard

In other fall news: we have been getting our side-discharge spreader out on the circuit lately and have seen orchardist put out 175-200 yards of compost per day.  It is available at daily and weekly rates.

At Dirt Hugger, we love fall!  In nature, fall is certainly the patron season of composting.  Just observe how the deciduous trees, grasses, and shrubs die back and drop their leaves to decompose right at their very own feet—closing the loop and providing soil life for future growth. It’s brilliant.  





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