HR City Council Votes on Curbside Collection Oct. 11th

The Hood River City Council will have another vote on curbside compost collection this coming Tuesday, October 11th at 6pm at the Hood River City Hall.  They still have to vote one more time to approve the measure.  Along with this, they will hear letters of both support and concern.

Of course we want to see the measure pass.  Beyond this, we’d love to see the roll out of a super high quality curbside collection program in Hood River; one with overwhelming support that serves as a model for similar communities.  To show support for the program, we urge Hood River residents to contact City Councilors before next Tuesday’s meeting. Here are the Councilor’s email addresses:
Kate McBride (President)-
Mark Zanmiller-
Susan Johnson-
Peter Cornelison-
Becky Brun-
Tim Counihan-

Just to review, here’s what is proposed:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.14.52 AM

And here are the collection options the city is considering:

Screen Shot 2016-07-28 at 10.16.02 AMHave your voice heard, write your Councilors, and attend the upcoming meeting on the 11th!

unnamedIn other news, we recently invested in a new screener, the Terra Select T-6.  With this new piece of equipment we can screen a finer product with less spearing (woody bits).  The compost coming off of this new screener is the highest quality product we have made to date and we can’t wait to share it with you.

With help from Peterson, we were able to get this new piece of equipment dialed in, allowing us to screen up to 120 yds/hour at 3/8 inch minus.   It’s sure nice to see compost windrows, long overdue for screening, transformed into that beautiful black gold.

Finally, check out this recent Soil Health Video produced by the Underwood Conservation District.  UCD received a grant from Washington State Soil Health Committee to explore the benefits of compost in orchard and vineyard applications.  We were thrilled to participate in their initiative.


The compost coming off the T-6 screener is some of the best product we’ve had to date


Morning view from Dirt Hugger’s backyard




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