Looking Ahead–Fall Compost Application and Special Soil Blending


Compost recently spread on a cherry orchard plot in the Dalles to increase soil organic matter

Wow! It’s hard to believe that Fall is right around the corner.  Working closely with orchardists and small farmers, we know that these next couple months are busy. Cherries have been harvested, pears are on the way, and veggies will be going strong for awhile still.      Despite the busy nature of this time of year, it is certainly wise to consider any Fall compost application needs.  Fall is a perfect time to spread compost in orchards.  The drive row ground and farm roads are not fully drenched and muddy from rain yet, so getting heavy farm equipment stuck is not an issue.  Application before the onset of the winter guarantees that compost will better integrate into the soil and effectively reach the orchard tree root zone during those wetter months.  Also, post harvest compost application allows for a more confident farm budget assessment, opening the financial space to step up the organic matter content ball game.

Another thing we’ve been incredibly excited about this year includes the considerable amount of  custom soil blending we have been doing.  We’ve worked with a number customers pinpointing and mixing up blends to meet their particular growing needs.  Combining our compost with other base materials (e.g. perlite, pumice, peat, coco coir) along with a large variety of organic amendments, we have developed blends for everything from azaleas and green roofs to seedling start blends and light, fluffy high-nutrient blends.

If you are looking for a special soil blend, we’d love to help you out.  We can efficiently mix up and deliver high-quality homogenous blends with super sack delivery options available.


Fresh delivery to Cor Cellars’ beautiful tasting room in Lyle, WA


Landscaping at Cor Cellars with Dirt Hugger’s Garden Blend


Every week, Wildwood Farm in Hood River unveils a fresh delivery of some of the finest produce on Earth. We are honored to know that they amend their soil with Dirt Hugger Compost.


Late summer morning at Dirt Hugger

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