Trucking Meltdown


DH big truck

The ol’ L-8000

The Dirt Hugger “big truck” was  recently t-boned and has been decommissioned from the compost delivery fleet. Sad news indeed.  It sure was a fine rig, and we will be forever indebted to its prowess.

Being down a truck, we were hoping that our “small truck”, the F350 Super Duty, would make up for the loss–divvying out smaller (albeit more) portions of the black gold.  However, given the much lower weight capacity of the 350, this has proven   an ineffective tactic.

So….considering the recent changes, we are currently on hiatus with some of our delivery capabilities while we scour the classifieds for the perfect replacement rig.  Here’s the deal: for deliveries less than 10 yards, we are recommending that customers contact our retailers.  

Bingen/White Salmon:  SDS Lumber– 509-493-2155

Goldendale:  Riley Bros, Inc.– 509-773-5919

Hood River:  Bryant Pipe & Supply– 541-386-1179

The Dalles:  Bryant Pipe & Supply–  541-296-1172

selling compost

We can deliver with a solo truck, truck and pup, or high cube truck and pup.

For larger orders >10 yards, we’d love to get a delivery lined up for you.  We contractwith a local hauling company to get you what you need.  In this case, we can provide a price/yd delivered that incorporates volume discounts (10% for 10 yards, 15% for 20 yards…) and delivery at$95-$105/hr.  Touch base for a quote!

Of course, we always have compost, bark varieties, and soil blends available for pick up at our retail yard in Dallesport. 

Expect an upcoming post detailing a new, fully-capable delivery truck! (fingers crossed)


We love working with the incredibly skilled Dietrich Trucking drivers!

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