Saturday May 7th–Dirt Hugger Site Party and Tour!

Holy cats! What a great spring this has been so far.  The damp, drawn out winter weather finally came to end which, at Dirt Hugger, means that operations are all-systems-go.  In March and April, alone we have taken in over 2,000 tons of organic material to transform into the best compost we possibly can—material that otherwise would be rotting somewhere in a landfill.  We’ve seen over 1,800 yards of compost leave the site over the past two months, and we are incredibly honored that local farmers, orchardists, and gardeners are building their soils with Dirt Hugger Compost.  We could not be more stoked.


March 2015


March 2016

To express gratitude for the overwhelming support received from customers, community members, the Gorge agricultural community, and Kickstarter Backers, Dirt Hugger is hosting a site gathering and tour on Saturday May 7th.  Complimentary food and drink will be served–including burgers from Jefferies Beef, Pine Street Bakery buns, Wildwood Farm greens, and beer from Full Sail & Freebridge Brewing. For Kickstarter backers this is a great chance to pick up any unclaimed (or undelivered) rewards. We will have bags of compost, apparel and bulk compost on site.

An official site tour will start at 11 am.  Check out the fully operational Dirt Hugger site at our new home in Dallesport, WA.  Get a glimpse into the composting process from beginning to finish.  Dirt Hugger is excited to share insights into this process while showing off site features, including the Aerated Processing Pad, a water treating Leachate Pond to treat site runoff, and a fleet of Windrow Turners.



Started in 2010 with four backyard compost piles and a shovel, Dirt Hugger has grown into a nine acre facility that processes over 20,000 tons per year into over 10,000 yards per year of organic compost.  None of this would be possible without the tremendous support of the Columbia River Gorge community.  Dirt Hugger is thankful for the support and the ability to capture valuable organic waste and turn it into compost.


Dirt Hugger Compost spread at the Hood River Waterfront Park

We sure hope you can join us!


Checking over the goodies in the amendment shack


Trout Creek Farm Mgt. gearing up for some compost spreading



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