Survey: Hood River Curbside Composting

Hood River City Council is looking at adding curbside composting to the existing garbage services.  There is a new survey out to help guide the council’s decision making. If you care about curbside composting in Hood River, please take 2 minutes to fill out the survey and spread the word!

coming to Hood River?

Coming to Hood River?

The City Council will address the issue at the Sept 28th meeting, 6pm, City Hall. Please come and show your support!

Some data from a 2010 study on organics and composting in the Gorge:

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.14.17 PM

40% of the Hood River waste stream is compostable!

Screen Shot 2015-09-14 at 1.16.22 PM

There is a pilot commercial program in HR, a residential program would help the commercial program grow.

Links to interesting info regarding the importance of curbside composting:

Tri Counties Recycling study on Composting in the Gorge

Website detailing best practices nationwide for curbside composting.

Article on increased diversion rates from using roll carts.
Putting the Cart before the Bin


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