Two Cool Compost Uses

IMG_8435Recently, we were alerted to two different, but very cool uses of Dirt Hugger compost. The first gave me the best excuse ever to go check out ‘compost research’ on a section of mt bike single track called the Super Connector. Jim Thorton of 44 trails association has been using our compost for trail building in the Mt Hood forest.

Specifically, he applied it on 3-9%, adverse grade trails to help hold the trail together. From personal experience, I can tell you the trails were holding up great. While the initial research has been mostly through observation he is now getting some technical soil scientists on board to find out why compost works well on trails. Check out what they are doing and go ride some of their amazing trails!

The second cool use was a compost spreading workshop put on by the Underwood Conservation District. They recently purchased a manure/compost spreader that is now available to rent through DJ’s in Bingen. During the workshop UCD spread compost at Domaine Poullion vineyard. Check out the photos below.

2015-07-11 10.14.55
2015-07-11 11.04.24

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