What is 44 pages long and takes 30 years to complete?

Our new lease in Dallesport!!! Yes folks, today we signed a 30 year lease with Port of Klickitat for our new site in Dallesport, Washington. This is a drastic improvement over the 30-day lease (yeah-month-to-month) we have operated under for the past four years. While we are very sad to be leaving The Dalles and Oregon, we are thrilled about the new location and the new layout. We have been deep in construction on the new site and are excited to show you some pictures of the development (photos coming soon)….We are still a month away from operating at the new location, but we cranking away to get the new site ready.

lease signed

We apologize to anyone who has tried to get in touch with us in the past few weeks. Things have been hectic bouncing between two locations, we hope to smooth things out again when we are up and running in Dallesport.

Enormous thanks to Marc Thornsbury at Port of Klickitat, the Port of Klickitat commissioners and to Margie!

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