Scenic Detour

So, in case you hadn’t heard, The Port of The Dalles is building a new business park at our location. Construction began a couple of months ago and yesterday they dynamited our entrance in order to put in new water & sewer lines. There is now a scenic detour to get to our site.

photo 3

Turn left here.

When you see this (photo above) on the road, take a left down the Taylor Lakes Rd. As you bump along the old road take a right into the back of Crestline’s big dirt/rock pit. Be careful, there are lots of big machines working there. Follow the road around towards the river and you will enter through the back of our site. Look for the little shack with a red door if you are looking for Dirt Huggers.

bumping down the back road.

bumping down the back road.

Heavy Construction

Heavy Construction

In other news, we now have compost/topsoil blend back in stock! It’s been quite a while since we were sold out and back ordered. Bryant Pipe in Hood River has it in stock and so does our site in The Dalles. Thanks for your patience. Happy gardening.

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