We Have Bags!

New Dirt Hugger 1cu. ft. bags of compost and blendAfter many requests Dirt Hugger is now offering our Organic Compost in 1cu. ft. bags. Last summer, Recology sold us an old, compost-filled bagger. After digging out the three year old compost and testing how to actually bag compost, we’re starting to get a system down.  Added to that Full Sail kicked us some roller tables which will really help the bagging process. Head to Hood River Supply, our site, or Goldendale Garden Shop to pick up a bag.

Coming very soon will be our topsoil/composts garden blend (hopefully within a week). Big thanks to Tony and Pat at Hood River Supply, Jon Thomas and Pedro at Recology, and Jim and Colin at Full Sail!

Organic Compost 1cu. ft. Bags (NEW 2014)- $11.99


Compost/Soil Blend 1cu. ft. Bag (Coming soon)


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