Winter Update

People commonly ask, “So, do you still compost in the winter?” We are happy to report, the answer is a resounding yes. We don’t give the microbes a break – not even when it’s snowing out. Much like farming winter is full of fixing things broken in the fall madness and preparing for a busy spring. It’s a great time of year to take a step back to reflect and to plan for the coming year, which for us involves relocating our facility! We are excited for the opportunity to ‘hit the reset’ button on our existing site in order to design systems from scratch drawing from three years of ‘learning opportunities’. Hopefully, we’ll have lots to post and share as we finish permitting and begin construction….Stay tuned. In the meantime here’s some photos from the winter out at Dirt Hugger.

winter site

Wintery Site

Steamy Day

winter pond

Frozen Pond

hg 4000 demo

Vermeer HG 4000 demo- thanks Dan and RDO

hg 4000 demo2

HG 4000 ready to roll

About dirthuggercompost

Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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