White Salmon Curbside Compost Pickup Details

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Hello White Salmoners,

The City unanimously approved the ordinance for composting services!  Yard debris collection will begin on November 20th, 2013. If you would like to sign up for service please call White Salmon City Hall: 509-493-1133. Below are the down and dirty details of the program.

Route to include: City Limits of White Salmon and the White Salmon Urban Growth Area

Collection: Every other week collection will begin on Wednesday Nov 20th.  Sign up for service must occur by Monday at 4pm of the collection week to be included in that week’s collection. If the collection day falls on a holiday, collection will occur the following day (i.e. New Year’s day is a Wednesday, collection will be on Thursday). Place cans in the front of your house with lid opening towards the street. The cart needs to be curbside on a surface street by 7:00 AM on collection day. There will be no alley pick-ups.

Service Period: First season collection dates are:
Nov 20th, Dec 4th, Dec 18th, and Jan 2nd.
Service will be offered from October through the first week of January and resume in mid-March through July. After the pilot period service may be offered year-round.

Cost: $15/month (As number of subscribers goes up, we hope to lower this cost). No contract required. Sign up/cancel at any time. Extra cans are $7.5 per pickup.

Cans: Can will be customer provided and must be no larger than 55 gallons. Can must have a sealable lid to prevent animal intrusion.

Acceptable Items: In the beginning collection will be yard debris only. After we sort out hauling logistics and work on education outreach, our goal is to allow food scraps in the spring. Most importantly, we want the program to succeed and to create a long-term organics solution for White Salmon residents and businesses.

ContaminationCans containing contamination (i.e. unacceptable items) will not be picked up on collection day. An “oops tag” will be left on the can describing the issue.

Phase I – Pilot period


  • Yard Debris
  • Leaves
  • Brush
  • Branches up to 3” diameter
  • Grass Clippings


Not Accepted

  • Food scraps
  • Lumber
  • Stumps
  • Dirt
  • Rock
  • Cardboard
  • Plastic
  • Metal
  • Glass


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2 Responses to White Salmon Curbside Compost Pickup Details

  1. steve says:

    White Salmon is in WA on the North Shore – 509 is the WA area code vs 541 for Oregon

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