Failure Part XI: Trucking – Our Bad

Just when we think we’re getting things sorted out another epic fail pops up. A customer emailed me this morning (thankfully) to let me know there was a very high level of contamination in our compost. Knowing we were a newer company she didn’t know if this was our standard or if something was up…. well, something was up. Let me explain:


not acceptable

Trucking is a key challenge for composting: It’s a relatively low value product, and heavy meaning you need big trucks, which we don’t have. So we started working with a group that has an “empty backhaul” coming from out east. Empty backhauls are nice because we can fill an otherwise empty truck and it usually cuts down on the cost a bit. The downside to our particular backhaul was that they had residual material from their previous load in the truck, which had ended up in our product. When we first started working with them we diligently checked the trucks prior to loading and usually never saw anything. As we got busier, we relaxed our checking and we now know it has affected our product. If you see excessive contamination in any of our product, please let us know. Our standard is to create a product that you can be proud to place in your garden.

loading up

loading up

We apologize for any issues, and thank you to our customer for providing feedback- otherwise we would not have known! It’s heart breaking to know the effort we put into creating a clean product and to have an issue on the very last step.


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2 Responses to Failure Part XI: Trucking – Our Bad

  1. Your compost is incredibly fertile, using tomato starts they jumped to 4′ high in 30 days, grown inside and under room but with natural lighting. Compared to neighbor on the same street, where tomatoes grown outside, there was minimal growth. I’m HOOKED and have brought several pick up truck loads by the yard in Goldendale.

    I did find some small ground up pieces of blueish glass which didn’t thrill me and a few bits & pieces of other debris…..I’m still hooked and just more careful, the plants go nuts and I use it full strength



    • Hi Toni,

      Thanks for the feedback. Glad your tomatoes are doing well. Bummed that there was contamination. We found a hole in one of our screens, which would have let contamination through. Hopefully, your next batch will be better. Thanks for getting in touch!


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