Food Cycle Event June 8th

Grow Organic (local badass farm store) is putting on a food cycle event at Springhouse Cellars.  There is a killer line up of speakers: the folks from Wildwood, Dr. Swarztrauber and the truly captivating James Cassidy. (If you’ve never heard him speak, look out, he brings ultra-complex topics like Cation Exchange Capacity down to the understandable level in an interesting manner. This will be a fun and educational event! Details below:

Every output is an Input

The “FoodCycle” refers to the relationships among the wide range of living organisms found in soil, also know as the “soil food web”. Our soil food web is similar to the food chain, except that the typical food chain is linear, while the soil food web works from the premise that everything that can eat or be eaten is involved in a cyclical relationship. In the garden, we prefer to boost the growth of the beneficial biota and suppress as many pathogens as we can. When we improve soil tilth, texture, aeration, drainage, and nutritional content by feeding our garden compost and other amendments, we tip the scales toward the helpful soil biota. When these beneficial biota thrive, the soil food web functions smoothly, and our plants flourish.

The Topic for this Event: Life on earth is sustained by a complex underground ecological system – the soil food web. Through ignorance, we’ve disrupted the food web, in particular with ill-advised farming and gardening methods. We can return the food web to health by restoring the soil biology.

For this event,  there will be 5 presenters including:

  • James Cassidy, Senior Instructor, Soil Physics & Organic Agriculture at Oregon State University.
  • Laurel and Paul, Local Food Farmers  from Wildwood Farms. Their principals are simple: “We believe that healthy soil creates healthy plants, and that healthy plants are able to grow produce in ways that modern agriculture has long forgotten. Because of this, our food is grown without the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides, and fungicides. Our primary crop is our soil –  the rest of the process is a natural progression.”
  • Karleen Swarztrauber, M.D. Dr. Swarztrauber is Board Certified in Neurology and Electrodiagnostic Medicine with specialty training in neuromuscular and spine disorders. Dr. Swarztrauber’s approach to patient care is to integrate her expertise in neurology, pain management, immunology and nutrition to heal the whole person. She will be sharing the concept that severe and substantial vitamin and mineral deficiencies do and are occuring in the USA right now in our modern day world without evidence of caloric deprivation and often in the presence of obesity
  • Leah Hall from Leah’s Lunch. Leah Hall is a Certified Health Coach, AADP and has her BAS in Ecological Agriculture and Food Science.  Leah’s Lunch was born out of her enjoyment for fresh, off-the-farm produce. She will be serving 4-5  appetizer from produce grown at Wildwood Farms
  • Dirt Hugger: Dirt Hugger is a regional composting company that supports a sustainable, local economy by collecting, processing, and utilizing valuable organic nutrients locally. Dirt Hugger offers an environmentally responsible waste management alternative for residents and businesses in the local Columbia Gorge community.

Location: Springhouse Cellars
Date:  Saturday, June 8th
Time: 3:00PM – 6:00PM
Cost: $30 –  includes 4-5  appetizers, a drink voucher for beer or wine and the presenters. Click the “Paypal button” to buy tickets or stop by the Grow Store


Sponsored by: 

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