Relationships: Dirt & People

Creating good compost is all about relationships: Carbon to Nitrogen, oxygen to microbes, and time to temperature. More than the scientific relationships in composting it’s the people that matter the most in terms of getting organic matter back in to our soils. When we started we thought we were making compost, but over time we realize we’re making relationships that ultimately achieve the goal of improving the quality of our fields and farms. With any new venture there are first customers and we are thankful to some of the Gorge’s pioneers in using Dirt Hugger compost.

Drew and Kristen doing awesome work with native plants at Humble Roots Nursery

Humble Roots


Mike Omeg gives a garden tour to master gardeners

Mike’s garden – early spring

John Carter talking about compost at the pre-harvest cherry  orchard tour

John’s orchard spreader

Taylor and Kelsey’s compost themed wedding!

The DH crew (minus Taylor who’s taking the picture). From zero to six people in two years – we are stoked!






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