Spring Update

So….we’ve been pretty bad about posting updates lately (i.e. the past four months). But, my friend Joe told me this weekend that if you’re blogging, you’re not actually doing anything, but just talking about doing things. I’ll take that comment not as an insult, but that we’ve just been flat out too busy to blog recently. So, in a lame attempt to get everyone caught up on the latest and greatest at DH, below is a photo essay of the spring so far. Enjoy!

two new acres of composting area!

65 new trees planted (thanks Wasco Co SWCD!)

new storage bays with more products!

a semi load of compost to a local farm

compost + cherry orchard = happy trees

landscape project with FLI Landscaping


Fool me Twice (cleaning the pond for the second year)

Garden delivery

Ghostbuster trash pak (a modified leaf blower/shop vac)

Grinding in the rain (not super fun)

A sea of compost

pond empty- huge thanks Dan Gleasman

jim building new hut

inside the new sales shack

Load er’ up

the new sales hut- made from recycled materials

May St School waste audit.

moving compost to the new curing pad

The Dalles Wahtonka High School garden project

The Dalles High School garden project (cont.)

new stencil

Ye Old Site

the split truck divider works! (only two products, not three as pictured)

black gold at the end of the rainbow

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One Response to Spring Update

  1. Love you guys–actually love your compost!

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