Now Screening Daily

The sun has been shining in The Dalles and locals are starting to think about their gardens and farms. Many of you have called to ask if we have compost available – we are happy to say, we do. We have been working away all winter to hopefully have lots of compost this year (we ran out during the spring last year) and are now screening compost. (Screening is the last step in our process before making compost ready-to-use).  Our best advice to ensure availability is to order early. We are open for pickup Mon -Fri 9-4pm and now Sat 9-12. We are also able to deliver, usually within a couple of days of notice.

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2 Responses to Now Screening Daily

  1. Robin Locke says:

    Hi, You delivered a load to Parkdale, Smullen Rd. We like your blend and so do my plants. However, I am getting a bunch of Flea Beetles coming out of the blend, having a hay day with my Tomatoes and potatoes. Spraying the dirt with Imidacloprid seems to fix it, but so much for the Organic….Neem didn’t touch ’em.

    • Hi Robin,

      Thanks for the input and solution. This is the first instance we’ve heard of with flea beetles in the blend material. I wonder if any other blend users have experienced the same? Thanks for the tip, and we will keep an eye out for any other instances.


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