More Huggers, More Space!

We apologize for the radio silence as of late. It hasn’t been because we’ve slowed down, but that we’ve been buried in expansion. Most exciting is the addition of two new Dirt Huggers, Jim Dunlop and Kevin Tulley. Originally, we were only planning on hiring one new person, but we just couldn’t pass on either of these two:

Jim has over ten years experience in farming, and ranching (and even ox droving). He’s equally comfortable running an organic farm, herding 100’s of pigs, managing 5,000 hens,  and building stuff out of reused materials. He’s a hard-working man with boat loads of experience and has been getting things done from day one.  When not knocking out projects at the Black Gold Mine you might catch Jim mtn biking or training for an ultra-marathon.

Kevin is a compost science wizard who came to Dirt Hugger in tow with  his own microscope for soil biological analysis. Armed with a degree in compost and compost tea making Kevin is helping Dirt Hugger push the envelope on healthy growth media. When not “tech’ing” out on compost you might find Kevin snowboarding on the mountain or kayaking the local whitewater.

Last but not least is the addition of a new acre-ish for compost curing. With the shift to Aerated Static Pile technology we felt it necessary to create additional curing space for compost coming off the air system. This space allows Mesophilic stage composting to continue full force and gives us a little breathing room at the site.

Big thanks:

  • Everyone who expressed interest and applied to the open position
  • Port of The Dalles– the awesomest landlord
  • Crestline Construction– who cleared, graded, and compacted nearly an acre in less than a full day’s work

About dirthuggercompost

Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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