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I came across this photo a few months ago while surfing the web and always liked it for the concept and composition. That said, I take issue with the content. People often talk about ‘loving’ what they do, but I’m not sure that’s entirely possible. There are things about a job that people will love: being around others, being challenged, growing as an individual or even certain tasks. But, invariably there are always things people don’t love or even like about their job (think: meetings, expense reports, powerpoint, or water cooler gossip). More than ‘loving’ what you do, we think it’s important to believe in what you do. There are parts of Dirt Hugger I don’t love (like reconciling monthly bank accounts), but I believe in what we are doing, which makes even unenjoyable tasks worth while. So, while I hope you like the photo, please accept our desire to update it to: “believe in what you do”. On that note, below is a job description for a position that we hope that you, or a friend, or a distant friend who lives in Oregon (social networking -weak ties theory) will at least like, but mostly importantly believe in.

Part-time position with Dirt Hugger located in The Dalles, Oregon.  We are seeking someone who is self motivated, hard working, reliable, and doesn’t mind coming home absolutely covered in dirt (room mates, spouses, and significant others might not let you in the house). This outdoor position will be active in receiving feedstock, creating high-end compost, delivering to customers, and any of the million other things that pop up in a given day. Experience with heavy machinery, being mechanically inclined, and interest in working in a green industry is preferred. This is an entry level position with lots of opportunity for growth and advancement within the company. Starting at 20hrs a week, with a flexible work schedule. Please send letter of interest & resume to pierce@dirthugger.com if interested (No phone calls please).

About dirthuggercompost

Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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