Sold Out (Again)!!!

Before we started Dirt Hugger other composters had told us that spring would be the best season for compost sales, but that fall could also be strong. This spring we had the good fortune to sell through all of our compost- mostly to home gardeners a yard or two at a time. As luck would have it, we sold out of compost again this fall, but this time truckloads at a time to local farmers. In fact, we sold our first-ever semi load of compost to a Dalles area cherry farmer.

A main goal in starting the business was to return recyclable nutrients to local farms. We had a blast this fall meeting farmers, hearing about their operations and delivering compost to cherry orchards, garlic fields, organic mixed veggie farms and even a hops grower for Oregon breweries.  A huge thank you to all the farms who applied compost this fall and for a great crew of contract haulers: Ross and Kiwi Construction, Braun Enterprises and Munsen paving.

(We will have more compost available this winter so please check back if interested. We’re also hoping to stockpile some compost for the spring season).

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Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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One Response to Sold Out (Again)!!!

  1. Rich and Sue says:

    wow! that was quick…good job!

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