Organic Certification!

We just got word that Dirt Hugger Local Compost is officially “listed by the Organic Materials Review Insitute (OMRI) for use in organic production.” From the beginning have been making compost according to organic standards, but we finally bit the bullet went for the certification. It’s a little confusing, but OMRI Listing is to food production inputs (farms, gardens, etc…) as USDA’s “Organic” is to food.   The same group, National Organic Standards Board, regulates both Organic food and Organic input certification, but when it comes to the certification process there is a distinction between food and farm inputs. We’re excited because of the added credibility for our product, and because certification streamlines paperwork for our organic farm customers.

About dirthuggercompost

Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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One Response to Organic Certification!

  1. G.O. says:

    This is huge! Congrats you guys on all the hard work.

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