Garden Update

Remember the story about Carola Stepper renovating an overgrown back lot at her acupuncture business in order to install a community garden? Well, she just sent us some photos of her garden and we thought it’d be fun to share. Needless to say we are blown away by how the plants are thriving (surely it has way more to do with Carola’s green thumb than the compost). Thanks for sharing Carola!

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One Response to Garden Update

  1. Carola Stepper says:

    You are VERY kind! Truely, it is DirtHugger compost and sprinklers on a timer for the 3 beds I took – nothing else – and for sure much more green thumb energy than I have for our community gardeners who rented the other plots for $20 for the whole season. Thanks for the post! I tell every new client who comes to our clinic and receives a tour about DirtHugger compost!!

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