Sold Out! (for now)

compost storage area - empty

Every start-up dreams of creating a new product, bringing it to market and selling through orders in blockbuster fashion. While we can’t claim sales figures rivaling the iPhone, we did manage to sell out of the first three windrows of compost. (Most likely due to a limited supply issue, not necessarily overwhelming demand).

The first batch
We started collecting yard debris and grinding material in August of 2010. The first windrow was built using a recipe of yard debris, fruit, wood chips, brewer’s yeast, and water on Oct 6, 2010. That first windrow was cured and screened in late February of 2011. The first batch yielding 200 yards of compost sold out on April 26th, 2011.

More compost?
We are now working frantically to produce the next batch of compost to meet farmer’s and gardener’s needs. Our aim is to screen a new batch this coming week (fingers crossed). If you are in desperate need of compost in the immediate future we suggest Hood River Organic, Bryant Pipe Supply and Gorge Nursery (in no particular order). If you can hold off, please contact us and we will put you on the list for the next batch.

Huge thanks to Tom Walter from Pacific Rock & Recycle for the McCloskey trommel screener, Crestline, and all of our new compost customers.

About dirthuggercompost

Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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