The Best “Trash Sort” Yet!

When the garbage truck rolled up filled with food scraps today a dualing sense of excitement and horror shot through me. I was thinking of how great it is this material is not going to the landfill, but simultaneously how we now had to attend to the ritual “trash sort.” During this weekly exercise we lay out the bed of freshly dumped food scraps on a bed of ground yard debris. We then grab a pair of gloves, box cutters and as of today a rake/hoe yard tool to pick out the trash bags from the piles and remove contamination. With an incoming load this can take anywhere from 2+ hours to, well, today 30 mins. Which, is the source of this post’s title – a sincere thank you to all of our food scraps customers this past week. It was hands down the cleanest load of food we’ve had. In total there were 3 cloth napkins (Riverside Grill, if you want those back let us know), a few twist ties, and a spoon (Riverside-see the napkins comment). Having clean feedstock makes our lives so much easier (and the compost so much better). There’s nothing worse than standing in two feet of food slop picking out twist ties and plastic, but there’s nothing better then searching for contamination and not finding it. Thanks again. You made our day!

Big thanks to our food scraps customers: Riverside Grill, Rosauers, Turtle Island FoodsInsitu, Cloud Cap, Lucy’s Informal Flowers, Google data center, Providence Hood River, and Nora’s Kitchen.

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