Machinery Madness


March is typically full of madness and this year was no exception. In the past three weeks we have been running more machinery than any small start-up ever should. It all began with a new DH record, 450 tons of material to grind followed by our first finished compost screening. From there, we moved 50 tons of excavation material to the paved pad and all of a sudden we were knee-deep in heavy equipment.

The final nail in the machinery madness coffin was delivered today (deep breath) when we signed our first ever machinery purchase agreement. There were more zeros on the agreement than anyone would like to see, but the deal was right. After over six months of renting a front loader we pulled the trigger on our very own. It’s simultaneously exciting (we’re growing up) and terrifying (tire replacements can cost $5K!!!). All in all we are thrilled and moreover very thankful to the people who helped make it happen: Erik Kerr, Brent Kerr (Kerr Contractors), Donnie from Kerr and Carl from Crestline for mobilization. As always Bob, Mike, and Issac from Crestline for keeping things running smoothly.

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One Response to Machinery Madness

  1. John Mulrow says:

    Congrats guys. Hip startup + environmental values + big machinery is the way of the future!

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