First Compost

The world has a funny way of dragging you backwards into things. Today was the first day in nearly three weeks that both Tyler and I have both been in town and at the site. We were sitting in the office trailer catching up when Carlos from Guero Lopez Landscaping pulls up and asks to buy a 1/2 yard of compost. As if from rote memory we had started into our usual diatribe, we’ll…. we’re just starting-up …. we don’t have any compost yet…. it’s not quite ready…. yada yada. Carlos points to a pile of screened, cured compost and says, “What about that?”. Indeed what Carlos pointed at was the first batch of windrow #1 that has passed a compost maturity test, cured for three months, has great lab results and had been screened. By all accounts it was compost ready to sell.  In that moment it hit me that neither Tyler nor I were mentally prepared to actually sell compost, but Carlos called us on the carpet. We have spent the last year of our lives researching, designing a site, quitting jobs, collecting feedstock, calculating recipes, taking temperatures and testing soils all with the goal of making compost suitable for growing delicious food. I don’t think either of us thought the day would actually be upon us, or so soon….

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2 Responses to First Compost

  1. Lolly Tweed says:

    That stuff is valuable!! Don’t you think you should put some in a jar for your office? Or frame it in a shadowbox? Or use it in a sand painting? Or put it in a charm on your keychain? 🙂

  2. kenp says:

    Congratulations Guys! Keep up the great work!

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