Escape from Cubicle Nation

I had worked for small, start-up companies (Wipika Kiteboarding, Nau, Cloud Cap), but had never taken the leap into entrepreneurship myself. Starting a company was the main reason I went to graduate school, and was something I had always wanted to do- but, I was terrified. While traveling for Cloud Cap I stumbled upon the book Escape from Cubicle Nation by Pamela Slim in an airport bookstore. Intrigued, I grabbed it and read it voraciously.

The book offers an emotional and financial step-by-step guide to leaving “a fancy title, steady paychecks and good benefits.” It mainly addresses the fears running through everyone’s mind when starting a new venture. Part of the process involved an activity called creating a “vision board,” a pictorial version of your ideal life using magazine clippings. It sounds lame, but I found it really fun and insightful. If you’re debating making the leap into starting your own company, I highly recommend this book and even if you’re not, I recommend creating a vision board.

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