Idea Germination

Last week was the annual Green Build Expo, which marks the one year anniversary of our thinking seriously about Dirt Hugger. We attended Green Build last year to explore niches in the “green world” with the idea of local composting in mind. Waste Management was a title sponsor and by good luck we tracked down the guy looking into composting for them. At the time he said they had spent over 12 months looking into every facet of composting and that they were beginning to pilot seven new composting facilities across the country. We thought, either our timing was really good or really bad.

Before catching our flight out of town we stopped for some margaritas at a local Mexican food spot. While there, we etched out some rough financials for what a small-scale composting facility would look like. We still have those early notes and although they’ve been updated a million times, the core assumptions still hold. We are a long way away from a first anniversary in business, but it feels good to have at least hit the idea germination anniversary.

About dirthuggercompost

Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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