The Composting Loo

the composting loo

When we went through the Conditional Use Planning permit process The Dalles City Planning Commision was adamant that we not have Port-a-Potty toilets on our site. We were new to the process, but it appeared there must have been an incident in the past, or the council, like most of us, doesn’t like looking at them.  Our site is pretty bare and doesn’t have water or electricity, but we knew there was a non-Port-a-Potty solution: a composting toilet. The Public Health Dept had never permitted a composting toilet before, but after some research, they decided it was okay. We then spent months looking for a deal on a composting toilet. After much searching we found Rory Zoerb, who had bought two Sun Mar composting toilets and needed to get rid of one-lucky us. We spend about a day building and painting the shack for the toilet and now we’re up and running.

The composting loo doesn’t require electricity and only requires the addition of bark chips to keep things going. We’ve had it out at the site for about a month and so far so good.  Thanks to Rory, Glenn Pierce, Dick Gasman, sand The Dalles City Planning Commision for helping us proceed with the composting loo.

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One Response to The Composting Loo

  1. Luke Danielson says:

    Great website! Just met Pierce last night at Green Drinks.

    The Loo looks sweet!

    Let me know what you think-

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