A Total Bust: Part I

Failure is a big part of a new start-up and we’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn from our mistakes. As long as they’re not too bad, we try to get the most from them, improve on the process and make sure the mistake doesn’t happen again. Below is our own attempt to celebrate failure- a fail blog of sorts – an excerpt from a recent failure, which has taught us a valuable lesson.

The fail: Last week we attempted help host our third event with composting for all of the food service items. The event was an annual fundraiser for a local non-profit and the organizer was very eager and helpful to use compostable products for all of the food service items. Together we did some research on locally sold compostable products in conjunction with the ones we thought would break down in our windrows. Never missing an opportunity to market Dirt Hugger, I ran off and printed $41.70 worth of laminated signs to help event-goers know about their waste and what to compost (see sign below). We thought it would be a great hit….

The sign- that didn't work...

About 30 minutes into the event, the organizer realized that people were throwing all of their trash, compostable products, drinks, etc… into all the bins. The signs didn’t work. We came the next morning to pick up the compostable products and the organizer regretted to inform us that it wouldn’t be possible- there was too much trash and other things mixed in. In addition the compostable bags we selected couldn’t handle the load and tore into pieces. It’s was a bust on all fronts- but a great learning lesson. Next time we will have more clearly labeled “compost” and “trash” signs, plus more robust bags. What’s better is the organizer is also involved with the Gorge wedding association and would like to integrate composting into her events.

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