Office Trailer Kit Out


all set and ready for work



It’s interesting that after leaving our office jobs the first thing we thought to do was find an office. I guess we were just gravitating towards the familiar. About six months ago we found a “job shack” on craigslist for “$500 plus you remove it.” We thought, great, we’ll spruce it up and in two weeks we’ll be set. Undigging the job shack from Joel, the seller’s, yard took two weeks alone. Then instead of sprucing it up, we decided to go whole hog and make it the dream trailer.  Below is a photo essay detailing six months of kitting out our office trailer.  Highlights include:

  • Removed metal bars from windows (1st priority)
  • Replaced old windows with large, 360 degree view windows for 100% day lighting, and passive solar- windows sourced from Rebuilding Center
  • Increased insulation in non-windowed areas (all reused insulation)
  • Rewired for interior and exterior power, plus exterior speakers (for tunes while composting)
  • Updated flooring (mix of cherry and bamboo), sourced from Rebuild It Center
  • Paint interior with Zero VOC paint (left over from Ryan Arndt’s house)
  • Refreshed exterior paint using unused house paint
  • Placed trailer with porch and awning facing southern exposure for optimum passive solar orientation
  • Made desk out of old front door and used stand.

    This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thanks to: Craig McConnell for helping us dig out the trailer, Silas Bleakley for the truck to haul the trailer,  + The Arndts for the paint.

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