2nd Place + $7,500 in Myoo Create Finals!!!

Last Wednesday Myoo Create hosted the live webinar finals for the Beat Waste Start-Up Challenge. The event was the culmination of six months of video voting, business plan writing and pitching. The final four teams each delivered 10 minute presentations followed by Q&A from the judging panel- all live on the internet.  After a brief deliberation period, winners were announced and Dirt Hugger was thrilled to bring home second place + $7,500.

The live webinar format created many advantages over other grant challenges. First, it allowed contestants from everywhere to compete and participate. Pitches came from India, Texas, Silicon Valley, and Oregon with listeners all over the world (The DH team had listeners in LA, San Fran, DC, Kentucky, and Oregon). Second, it allowed a prestigious judging panel to participate from where they are working, thus reducing the “cost” of involvement. Lastly, the live format created a real sense of competition and collaboration. One friend listening in said it felt like a final four sporting event, yet at the same time potential collaborations sprouted up between companies.

Congratulations to the winners, Waste Ventures out of India (video below) and a tremendous thank you to the Myoo Team: Rebecca Petzel and Charlie O’Malley, the judges; David de Rothschild– Plastiki expedition leader, Paul Hawken– entrepreneur and author, Graham Hill– founder of Treehugger, Adam Lowry– founder of Method, Zem Joaquin– founder of Eco-Fabulous, Lynelle Cameron – head of sustainability at Autodesk, Blake Mycoskie – TOMS Shoes, Premal Shah – Kiva and Adam Werbach – Saatchi & Saatchi, the other entrants, and most importantly everyone who voted for Dirt Hugger and helped support our entry. It was a really fun experience.

About Myoo Create: Myoo Create is a new online community for social and environmental innovation, conceived and is part of the Myoo Group. Myoo Create runs innovation competitions that help organizations tackle social and environmental innovation challenges. Myoo Create aims to harness mass collaboration, bringing me + you (myoo) together to generate the rapid, large scale innovation needed to address the world‟s pressing environmental and social issues. The Myoo Group, a new group of companies dedicated to inspiring and co-creating solutions to important environmental and social issues. Myoo, rhymes with dew, and represents me + you (Myoo) working together in community (kuh-Myoo-nitee). The Myoo Group has been incubated by Adventure Ecology.

About dirthuggercompost

Co-founder of Dirt Hugger
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