Final Four for Myoo Grant!

It’s not March Madness, but it sure feels like it – we received the news yesterday afternoon that Dirt Hugger was selected in the final four grant participants for the Myoo Create Beat Waste Start-Up Challenge Grant. The 2nd round, which just ended, involved submitting a 10-page business plan, which was reviewed and judged by a team of environmental luminaries (including founders and presidents of: Kiva, Method, Tom’s Shoes, Treehugger, Satchi & Satchi S, Autodesk Sustainability, Ecofabulous, as well as Paul Hawken, and David de Rothschild)! The 2nd round had 12 eligible entries which has been whittled down to 4 finalists. The final round involves a live web interview with the panel and grant teams. We’ll post more details on the interview as they come in. Thank you all for voting and supporting Dirt Hugger. We are honored to have made it this far.

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  1. kenp says:

    Good luck guys!


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