We’ve Got Water

Big thanks to Eric Kerr and Crestline Construction for getting us a line on a 6,000 gallon water tank and working together on water pumps. Another big thanks to Dan and Jed Gleasman for helping design and set up the water system. A little front loader time, 10 trips to Ferguson Plumbing Supply and a ton of 100 degree sweat and we’re up and running. We can now run a professional car wash, the ultimate slip n’ slide, or plain old hose down windrows to help reach an optimal moisture content in  compost piles – with an added bonus of fire prevention/suppression.

In other news:

  • Our DEQ permit is closely pending
  • Our Cut and Fill permit for storm water management system and leachate retention pond is close
  • We have given the green light to Wasco PUD on a new electrical connection to the site- should be 3 weeks out
  • Someone relinquished us of our weather station- if you see it on craigslist or ebay, let us know.
  • Following the bullet point above- we’ve decided to erect a fence around the site. We purchased OSU’s old tennis court fence off of craigslist and will put it up after the cut and fill work is complete. 8 ft, black vinyl- should look nice.
  • We received our composting toilet and are starting to get it up and running.
  • The office trailer is getting some final paint touches and will be ready to go soon.

    12 tennis courts worth of fence- thanks OSU

    Vault for electrical connection

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